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Binions Casino

You do not need a reason to go to Binions Casino. The name is synonyms with magnificence, grandeur and top quality casino action. With Binions Casino you never know what you may come across as this is the place where all your gambling dreams come true.

As for my dream visit to Binions it was nothing but living the dream. When it comes to accommodation they give you a clear picture as to what you can expect and they do not fall short of their words. Like any seasoned gambler visiting Vegas, I booked my room in advance because this is a very busy casino and there are times when finding a single room that fits your budget could be a task. So if you are planning on hitting Vegas any time soon, make sure you prepare well for your trip and that includes advance booking for hotel rooms. So with my hotel room and accommodation sorted out, it was time to check out the reason behind my visit, the casino. Even though there are so many casino games that you can play here, it is obvious that everyone is attracted by the famous Binion’s Hall of Fame Poker Room. I should say that the poker room is fit for a head of states conference. The Hall of Fame Poker Room is spacious and has elegant décor that takes you back in time. I am not a great poker fan, but if you get the kicks out of this game then Binions Casino, a Las Vegas gamble heaven, has a lot to offer. Not only do you get to play all the poker you want along with that you get to enjoy fine dining as you play and they also throw in special rates on hotel rooms.

I started off the night at the Blackjack table and one gets to feel lucky one way or the other while playing at the Party Pit thanks to the lovely cowgirls who are ready to show you a good time. So did my game suffer or did I manage to make something out of it? Well, if you love your gambling then nothing can actually come between you and your game, even a hot looking Cowgirl who is ready to throw the lasso on you. My roulette session was nothing that I could complain about because I had less distraction and lots of money to win. Well, if I was lucky with all the card and skilled games, then you can imagine what a riot I would have had playing slot games.

My idea of relaxing after a hard day of gambling is not hitting the spa instead, treating yourself to something that truly nourishes you, food. Benny’s Bullpen became my sanctuary after gambling. While many casinos are going green and banning smoking, Binions stick to good old Vegas tradition and Benny’s Bullpen is the place for it. I celebrated my good run with amazing hand crafted beer as I puffed on some excellent cigars. With wonderful service and top notch accommodation, it is natural that Vegas visitors head in the direction of Binions Casino.

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